Exchange contracts

When it comes to selling property in Lanarkshire or Glasgow, Empire Property is your trusted partner. We offer comprehensive assistance and a streamlined step-by-step process that ensures a smooth and successful transaction.

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Title Deeds and Certificates:

The seller’s solicitor will send the title deeds and certificates relating to the property to your solicitor. These certificates should show that the property isn’t adversely affected by any local authority plans.

Negotiating the Sale – Missives:

The solicitors must agree on the written negotiations of the sale – the ‘missives’. Also, it is important to note that the exchange of missives can only take place once a mortgage offer, if applicable, has been received and all necessary financing arrangements have been satisfactorily addressed.

Conclusion of Missives:

Once the missives are agreed, this is known as ‘conclusion of missives’. Both parties are now legally bound to the sale/purchase.


Selling Property in Lanarkshire or Glasgow?

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