Empire Property

Choosing the right agency to let out your property is extremely important and at times difficult for landlords. Empire Property understands this and seeks to be as helpful and accessible to landlords as possible.

From managing your property to finding the right tenant for you, Empire Property has a range of services that make life as a landlord that much easier.

Marketing your property

Empire Property recognise the importance of property exposure to potential tenants. Alongside our website and full colour window display advertising in our Wishaw Cross branch, we offer a broad range of online marketing in conjunction with advertising on Rightmove, S1 Homes, Find a Property and many more. Through sufficient marketing and property exposure we have a large database of prospective tenants looking for rental properties who could be the right one for you!

The Repairing Standard states the legal position on this and you can download information via this link to the Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP) website.
Under the Anti-social Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004, all landlords (with a few exceptions) renting residential property in Scotland are required to register with the local authority where they let their property. It is an offence to market or let property in Scotland without being registered. For further information, or to register, logon to: www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk. More information on the legal side of letting and Landlord Registration is available in our member resources area.
With a few exceptions all tenancies in Scotland that started after 1 January 1989 are Assured Tenancies. A Short Assured Tenancy is a special type of Assured Tenancy which requires two additional conditions to be met: A short assured tenancy is created by prospective tenants being served with a form known as an AT5 before signing the lease. The tenant should sign the AT5 as proof they received it. The duration of the short assured tenancy must be for an initial period of no less than 6 months, although subsequent lets of the same property to the same tenant can be for a shorter period and would not require a new AT5 to be signed. If either of these conditions has not been met then the tenancy will by default be an assured tenancy. The exceptions to what constitutes assured or short assured tenancies are:

  • Tenancies which began before 1 Jan 1989
  • Tenancies where the landlord is a resident landlord. Resident landlords should not use the model short assured tenancy agreement. (For an alternative agreement, members can download a copy of an occupancy agreement from our resources area)
  • Tenancy where no rent is payable (or the rent is below £6.00 per week)
  • Local Authority or Housing Association tenancies
  • Lettings by universities to students
  • Temporary lettings to homeless people
Since September 2007 when it was introduced, the Repairing Standard for the Private Rented Sector in Scotland details the requirements on landlords to maintain their properties to let. Want to know how this affects you? Then click here (Private Rented Housing Panel website) to see details of guidance issued to landlords on the ‘Repairing Standard’.