The Ultimate Moving Home Checklist

Moving House can be a stressful time and with so much to do in such a small space of time, It can be difficult to remember every little thing you need to do. So we at Empire Property created our ultimate moving home checklist to make sure your remember some of the most important things when moving house.

Let’s call it a little present from us to you!

Empire Property’s Ultimate Moving Home Checklist

1. Clean, Clean, Clean
Regardless of renting or selling, ensuring the house is clean and in a suitable condition is a necessary step in the smooth transition of moving. Leave the house in the same state that you would be happy to receive it and it will ensure it renting you receive your deposit back (Which will come in handy in buying those extra things needed when moving)

2. Transferring Utilities
To save you a lot of hassle, most utility companies will be able to transfer your service to your new home in the matter of a phone call. Ensure and call these services as soon as you know your moving date to ensure a smooth process.

3. Redirecting MailRoyal Mail Redirect Service
Royal Mail can deal with this for you and save you alot of worry about lost letters. It is simply a matter of telling them when you are moving out of your old address and into your new one. All mail will now get delivered to your new address for a predetermined amount of time which means if you have forgotten a subscription address change, you have time to change it after you move.

Pick the Best Day
If you can, avoid Fridays, weekends and bank Holidays. Removal companies will be high in demand at these times which mean you may be restricted to time and they may even charge more. If you can, aim for a mid-week move which will result in a less stressful move and get you settled in for a nice weekend in your new home.

Preperation is key! If you can..start packing things you don’t need as soon as you know you are moving. It will save time when it comes to packing the more important things. Also make sure and label each box so you can find things quickly and easily.

Many hands make Light work

If you haven’t hired a removal company, the old phrase, ‘many hands make light work’ is a very helpful one. Rope in all your friends and family into helping and the move will be done in no-time. Seperate your friends and family into teams, one team to pack the old house, one team for transporting and one team to prepare the new house. This means your new house will not be left with boxes lying at the front door and you can get settled quicker.

Moving house with a dog



Wheres the sitter?
If you have a friend or family member spare who isn’t helping out in the move, a babysitter/pet sitter is highly recommended. The extra stress of watching what the kids or pets are doing can just make the day alot harder. Having them looked after means you know they are safe and the move can go more smoothly.

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