A Scottish BBQ

Rain Cloud


Sunshine and BBQ’s go hand in hand and here in Scotland we love it when we can whip out the old BBQ, invite some friends and family round and have a great night in the garden. Sometimes….the weather doesn’t always like things to go as smoothly as we would like so we have come up with our top tips for a great Scottish BBQ.

The weather forecast isn’t always our friends but it might come in helpful if you have planned a big BBQ and don’t want it ruined by some pesky rain. BBC Weather can provide you with a morning/afternoon/evening breakdown of the weather so if your BBQ is supposed to be in the afternoon but the forecast predicts rain that will clear off by the evening…postpone your BBQ for a couple of hours rather than cancel it. Chances are people will still be able to come and it will avoid any potential soggy buns.

Prepare the food
Being prepared for your BBQ is half the battle to great success whatever the weather. Firstly, make sure you have enough food and drink to keep your family and friends satisfied…nothing kill a BBQ like running out of food. Secondly, make sure you have prepped all your food and snacks in tupper wear or suitable containers.

By having everything in a container it makes it easy enough to transport in and out of the house without spillage or confusion. For some great deals on BBQ meat such as 2 for £5 on burgers, half chickens and pork…try out Lidl’s special offers here.


Prepare the location
Create an area of your garden for the BBQ and set it up so everyone has somewhere to sit and relax. Another great idea is to set up an area just for the kids, this will keep everyone happy as the kids will feel like they have their own special area and it will allow the parents to have some fun without worrying too much about the kids.

For some great deals on garden furniture, try the special offers from Home Bargains for affordable but great furniture to keep your guests comfortable and happy. Having a BBQ is all and well if the sun is shining and the weather is nice enough to stay that way but with the unpredictable weather in Scotland…you need to be ready to move indoors at any given moment.

Making space within your home for people to come in eat inside and continue the party might dampen your garden but it definitely won’t dampen anyone’s spirit! Whatever happens…Enjoy it! No-one can predict the Scottish weather so just take it as it comes and make the most of the situation.

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