letting a property

Why Choose Empire to Let Your Property

When it comes to letting your property, finding the right letting agency is crucial. You want a company that understands the local market, has extensive reach, and offers flexible property management options. That’s where Empire Property comes in. With our wealth of experience, commitment to local expertise, broad advertising reach, and customisable property management services, Empire Property is the ideal choice for landlords in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

Local Expertise

Empire Property has been specialising in renting and managing properties in Glasgow and Lanarkshire since 2006. Over the years, we have amassed valuable knowledge and insights into the local market trends, rental values, and tenant preferences. Our expertise allows us to provide you with accurate advice and guidance, ensuring you make informed decisions about your property.

Empire Property can help you optimise your rental income, attract quality tenants, and navigate any legal or regulatory requirements specific to the area. Choosing a letting agency with such local knowledge gives you a competitive edge. Furthermore, peace of mind that your property is in capable hands.

Extensive Advertising Reach

When it comes to advertising your property, Empire Property leaves no stone unturned. We understand that reaching as many potential tenants as possible is vital for a successful letting process. We invest heavily in online exposure, ensuring your property is listed on major online portals, our high street office, and website.

By utilising a multi-channel advertising approach, Empire Property maximises the visibility of your property, attracting a wider pool of potential tenants. Our comprehensive marketing strategy means your property receives the attention it deserves, leading to faster occupancy and reduced void periods.

Customisable Property Management Options

Empire Property recognises that each landlord has unique requirements when it comes to property management. Some landlords prefer a hands-on approach, while others prefer to delegate the responsibilities to a trusted letting agent. Empire offers flexible property management options to accommodate your individual needs.

Whether you want assistance with tenant sourcing, rent collection, property inspections, maintenance, or a complete end-to-end management solution, Empire Property has a package that suits you. Our professional team is well-equipped to handle every aspect of property management, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on other priorities.


Choosing the right letting agency can make a significant difference in the success of your property investment. Empire Property’s local expertise, extensive advertising reach, and customisable property management options make us an exceptional choice for landlords in Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

When it comes to letting your property, we are a reliable partner that goes the extra mile to ensure your investment thrives. Contact Empire Property today and experience the benefits of our expertise, extensive reach, and tailored property management solutions.